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Cautions for Use of Electric Fans

In hot summer, it is not pleasant to turn on the electric fan and brush your face with a clear wind. But many people get sick because of the improper use of the electric fan. The reason is that many people lack the common sense of using the electric fan.
Electric fans are the main heat-proof and cooling equipment for many people in summer. However, some people use electric fans improperly, bringing health hazards, such as cold, facial paralysis, shoulder periarthritis, back pain and so on.
Five Misconceptions of Blower Fan Injury:
1. Long-term blowing
Many people like to blow electric fans for a long time. They feel that they stop when they have just cooled down. They will feel that they are still hot. It's better to blow comfortably for a long time. However, when the fan is blown for a long time, the temperature of the human body will decrease with the evaporation of sweat. It is easy to cause cold, cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Generally, it is advisable to blow for half an hour to one hour at a time.
2. Quick blowing
Some people in order to cool up as soon as possible, they turn on the electric fan to the fastest speed, think that the wind is bigger than addiction antipyretic. This is an improper practice. When the temperature is over 30 C, the air temperature is close to the normal body temperature. The wind coming from the electric fan is also the high temperature wind. At this time, the heat of the human body should mainly depend on the evaporation and heat dissipation of sweat. If the electric fan blows too much, the skin surface temperature drops, the pore is blocked, and the sweat inside the body can not emit, it will feel hot. Sometimes there will be fatigue and weakness, backache and back pain, which is "sweating". Therefore, it is not advisable to use high-end high-speed electric fans, should be adjusted to medium or low speed, blowing gentle gusts of breeze is better.
3. Close to the wind
Electric fan blower should not be placed close to the body. If strong wind blows close to the body and only blows on one side of the body, the skin sweat evaporates quickly and the temperature decreases significantly. On the other hand, the sweat evaporates slowly on the non-blown side, resulting in a large gap between blood circulation and sweat excretion on both sides of the body, and the nerve center will be lost. Balance, once too long, the organs will be exhausted, and thus feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when blowing electric fans, it is better to be 2 meters away from people to make the wind uniform and soft.
4. Blowing Directional Wind
Most of the electric fans are shaking head fans. When blowing, the position and direction of the electric fans are constantly moving. The blower forms a burst of big and small, which slows down the surface of the body and does not make people feel too cold and uniform the temperature of the whole body. Therefore, it's better to use a shaking fan instead of directional wind.
5. Sleep blowing
That is to use an electric fan to cool down and sleep with you. When a person is asleep, the function of the organs of the body drops to the lowest level, all reflexes disappear, immunity decreases and diseases are easily caused.